APRS Packet Errors for PI8HLM-10 (last 6 hours)

This table contains packets in which findU has detected an error. This is an automated system, no manual checking of these packets has been done. Most common cause of this is mistakes in entering the latitude/longitude into hard-coded digis, or positions of 0/0. If packets of yours appear here, and you have looked at it carefully and cannot find the error, look again. I've been watching these error messages in my log, and believe my parser is reasonably correct. Go get the APRS spec to be sure. If you have done that, and are CERTAIN the packet is a legal APRS packet, then it is possible that there is an error in my my parser. Only email me if you are absolutely, positively certain...ask yourself, would I bet $100!

time (UTC)Packet
20171218143604PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 9996765
20171218144118PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 9771507
20171218144230PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 9771507
20171218150541PI8HLM-10>PI8MNL,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 7535124
20171218153535PI8HLM-10>PI8CJP,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 7056758
20171218163749PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 6629432
20171218170906PI8HLM-10>PI8MNL,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 1187945
20171218183125PI8HLM-10>PI8MNL,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 7486256
20171218183556PI8HLM-10>PI8CJP,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 9546749
20171218184058PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 2884803
20171218184103PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PM: PA3GON SHKVNJAWQ0GD 935 WEBMASTER@winlink.org Welcome to the Winlink web site
20171218184103PI8HLM-10>PA3GON,qAO,PI8RKW:;PM: PA3GON NMPI2AQB0CTI 355 PD0JEW@winlink.org //WL2K wekelijks proefalarm van maandag 18 december 201
20171218191156PI8HLM-10>PI8MNL,qAO,PI8RKW:;PQ: 0434941