For some time, people have been requesting to directly enter positions into the findu database. I have resisted, mostly due to the amount of work required to create and maintain accounts for interested users.

For other reasons, I have developed a system to allow automated creation of accounts, and am going to open this up for ham use. There are some caveats here...

This is strictly an automated system. Each callsign is allowed one, and ony one, account. I will not manually edit records, so if you mess up, forget your password, etc. you are out of luck, unless you are willing to pay my usual hourly rate (if you have to ask, you can't afford it!).

The system allows you to enter a password to be associated with your callsign, with which you can enter positions for your callsign (with associated ssid). You cannot enter objects, or change other people's location, with this system. For info on entering the data, click here.

When you request the password, you must enter an email address, which must be your callsign@somewhere.something. If you normal address is not using your callsign, you can get an alias from,,, etc. You must be able to receive email at this address, because an email will be sent there with instructions for verifying the registration. This email address will not be used for any other purpose.

Use care when choosing the password. While eventually I will add features to have your password emailed to you, and to change it in the future, for now you are stuck with it, and must remember it. The password will be stored as clear text in the database, and will be sent with each update of your position. In other words, even if you are the typical lazy computer user that uses one password for everything, make this one different!

If you wish to register and are a licensed radio amateur, fill out the form below:

Amateur Radio Callsign:

First name:

Last name: